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KingSmart Accounting Software

KingSmart Financial Management

The hotel back office software of KingSmart is a robust, secure financial package. Built for Windows, KingSmart offers a reliable financial system for PCs. The core system includes: General Ledger Accounting, Cash Management, Budgeting, Tax Reporting and AutoLinker® specially integrated with all other KingSmart Hotel Software modules

Core Modules

The KingSmart Financials will provide you with the essential bookkeeping functions and the ability to easily create a variety of sophisticated financial reports.

Customised Tool Set

KingSmart Accounting Software provides a powerful set of tools to simplify and speed up the accounting process by streamlining functions to suit your specific business needs.

Customised Chart of Accounts

Customise your own chart of accounts, with multiple levels of account classifications, providing comprehensive and detailed analysis reports, for all front office, outlets, back office and hospitability operations.

Foreign Currencies Management

Unlimited foreign currencies' accounts, integrated for all currency related financial reports.

General Ledger

The General Ledger module will allow you to access accurate and timely account information easily and can also be used to generate reports and analyses performance.

Departmental reporting

Separate Chart of Account for each department, making it easy for creating each department's financial reports, such department profit/loss and much more. Flexible consolidation of all departments’ financial reports for the entire property.


Every business looks for ways to save valuable time spent on repetitive, yet essential, administration tasks. KingSmart Hotel Accounting Software provides the ability to email or fax reports and with the fully built in KingSmart’s eReporting module, this extends to provide automatic formatting and delivery of business documents, by the appropriate electronic delivery format.

At the push of a button KingSmart’s eReporting provides the flexibility and ease to automatically send reports and business documents to customers and suppliers via fax or email.

Now, with
KingSmart webCollect, it allows management companies to eliminate daily faxing/mailing of reports and have access to each property's financial and statistical information in one corporate online database.

KingSmart’s Financial Report Generator

KingSmart’s provides just what its name implies, freedom to develop the reports that you really need, with live links to the information within KingSmart. It’s the modern way to present financial information. KingSmart’s Financial Report Generator allows you to easily create dynamic financial reports that reflect the current state of your business.

KingSmart Hotel Accounting 'AutoLinker®' directly link to all KingSmart Hotel Management System

You can directly draw any transactions or postings from front office, each outlets and back office of the hotel property (each KingSmart Hotel Software modules) into KingSmart Accounting Ledger Database.

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