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Request KingSmart STANDARD Pack -for medium to large size properties
Request more information about KingSmart

Please click the above link to send a information request form to obtian further information and try out KingSmart PMS and POS Standard editions (conditions applied - only available for hotel operators and hotel business consultants).

KingSmart PMS and POS Standard editions are suitable for medium to large size (50+ rooms/units) properties that provide standard services with restaurants, bars, shops, activities or any Point of Sales outlets.

KingSmart Standard edition of PMS and POS are easy to use, fast, powerful and completely integrated to all aspects of hotel management and online webSolutions.

These software modules also come with unlimited seamless interfacing to all KingSmart add-on products and interfaces like Functions/Conferences, Spa/Recreation, Smart Card/Ticketing, Call Accounting software, KingSmart BackOffice Accounting software, KingSmart HR & Payroll software, KingSmart Stock & Cost Management software,
and much more.

Please Contact Us to download suitable solutions/editions of KingSmart for your property/business.

For other KingSmart Accounting, HR & Payroll and Stock & Costing Control Software download, please email us at





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