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KingSmart HR & Payroll Management System

Easy Payroll Processing

Pays are calculated automatically from the contract, templates and transaction types defined for the Person. Naturally, Payroll caters for many forms of remuneration, and can also make payments such as cash, cheque or direct debit accounts. Manual payments, outside of the automated payroll cycle, can be easily processedand tracked for post-processing adjustments and termination payments.


Payroll cuts down on payroll processing time by allowing users to apply templates to each individual employee's record. These templates are simple to establish and automatically calculate all relevant employee deductions and employer contributions that are recurring, such as Tax Table, Payroll Formula Setup, Medical Insurance, Superannuation (including voluntary), Union Fees or any other repetitive items.

Extensive Reporting

Payroll comes with numerous standard reports that provide the necessary analysis and insight required by most organisations. Most of these reports are generated by KingSmart built in report generator, which can be changed by the user if required.

Pay Summaries are a unique feature of KingSmart, where extensive user definable categories and summaries can be created and used to analyse your payroll hours and amounts. Other reporting tools, such as Excel, Access, or Crystal Reports can be used for additional reporting.

Fully Integrated

Payroll is fully integrated with the complete KingSmart software Products. Pay costings can be charged to any General Ledger account (through KingSmart Accounting AutoLinker), in detail for a high level of information within the GL, or in summary for confidentiality.


Whether pays are governed by an industry or enterprise contract or even an individual contract, the maintenance of pay rates is a simple process. Each contract can have unlimited classifications and pay rates and can be applied to multiple people.

Contract rate changes have effective dates allowing changes to be setup in advance. Alternatively, an individual rate or amount can be applied to each person.


The attachments feature in Payroll further enhances HR manager's ability to fully maintain employee records. Hard-copy documentation such as employee resumes, accreditations or sick leave certificates can be attached to individual records, making them readily accessible in the future.

Function Security and Data Security

Payroll information is one of the most sensitive sets of data collected by any organisation and access to this information must be strictly controlled. This requires a highly customisable security structure, and KingSmart has the most sophisticated yet easy to use system.

Not only can you set the security access to the various payroll screens, but you can also set security down to individual employees data. For example, executive employee records can be secured to a higher level than general employee records, if desired. These security restrictions are also respected in all reports

KingSmart Smart Card & Ticketing Management is integrated to KingSmart HR & Payroll system for recording and managing staff attendants, users access and on/off duty management.

Smart Card Security Access with log book tracking systems. There are complete management of staff meals, access to facilities and management events.



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