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KingSmart HPMS Flash Demos
Hotel Property Management System

- Standard Edition -

Download KingSmart HPMS Standard Flash Demos

KingSmart HPMS - Standard Edition

  FIT Reservation  

FIT reservation: when either travel agents, corporate customers, or FIT making a reservation.


  FIT Rooming  

FIT Rooming usually done at the beginning of the business day.

FIT Rooming Demo

  FIT CheckIn  

Reservation Check In is when guest arrived at hotel while they had reservation made, and then you check them in according to their reservation folio.

FIT CheckIn Demo

  Group Reservation  

Group reservation: when travel agent, conference group who make reservation for a group of guests.

Group Reservation Demo

  Group Rooming  

Group Rooming usually done at the beginning of the business day.

Group Rooming Demo

  Group CheckIn  

Group Check In is used when group arrives, system check multiple rooms at once. This will save considerable time to check in group members individually.

Group CheckIn Demo

  Cancel Reservation  

Cancel Reservation: when a guest has requested to cancel his/her's reservation for the room.

Cancel Reservation Demo

  Recall Reservation  

Recall Reservation: after canceling a reservation, the guest may be coming back to recall the reservation again.

Undo Cancellation Demo

  Cancel Group  

Group Cancellation is for the cancel of a multiple number of group reservations, group rooming, and then automatically cancel the group master folio.

Cancel Group Demo

  FIT Walk In  

FIT Walk In: when guest(s) arrive at the hotel with out any reservation.

FIT Walk In Demo

  Folio Enquiry  

Folios Enquiry: used when searching for one or multiple guest folios.

Folio Inquiry Demo

  Cashier Transfer  

Cashier Transfer is to transfer bill transaction from one guest folio to another. Parts or all transaction can be transferred to another guest folio.

Cashier Transfer Demo

  Control Panel  

This demo shows the basic functions of the folio control panel.

Control Panel Demo

  Corporate Customers 1/2  

This demo covers corporate customers pre-set special deals on room rates, discount packages, and accounts receivable management.

Corporate Customers
Part 1 Demo

  Corporate Customers 2/2  

This demo will show you how corporate customer's work in KingSmart HPMS 2003.

Corporate Customers
Part 2 Demo

  Debit Positing  

Cashier Postings are basic functions of KingSmart HPMS. This demo will show some basic Debit Postings.

Debit Posting Demo


This demo shows how to deal with guest deposits.

Deposit Demo

  Link Folio  

Folios can be linked together, this is useful when there are a number of guests and one guest is going to pay.

Link Folio Demo

  Amend Folio  

Amend Group can amend group master folio, as well as amend group member's guest folios. If hotel uses electronic door (provided there is interface), system will make new door card, and rearrange long distance phone line, morning call, VOD and internet connection.

Group Change Demo

  Group Phone  

Switch the telephone access to group members in one simple step.

Group Phone Demo


Room Status can be set by the Housekeeping department depending on the status of each rooms, for example from occupied dirty to vacant ready.

Housekeeping Demo

  Report Generator  

KingSmart Report Generator allows you to design and produce your own reports. Most reports that already existed on the system can be modified to suit your need.

Report Generator Demo

  Room Change  

This demo will show you a few different ways to change rooms.

Room Change Demo


  Room Charts  

There are several different types of charts, bar graph and tables to display the status of each room, therefore, system user(s) can instantly and accurately view and analyses the current status of rooms inventory.

Room Chart Demo

  Transaction History  

To make enquiry on any folio account (include group master folio, guest folio etc).

Transaction History Demo

  FIT Check Out  

FIT Check Out includes sending housekeeping a check out messages to check the room prior to guest checking out (optional), printing an invoice, balancing the bill payments, then check out.

FIT Check Out Demo


  Group Check Out  

Group Check Out: when checking out multiples rooms for a group in one simple process.

Group Check Out Demo

  Room Posting  

Post Room Rate automatically posts the room rate into the billing page of each guest folios.

Room Posting Demo

  End of Day  

All hotels must do 'End of Days' operation every day, once end of day is completed, the system is turn to the next system day.

End Of Day Demo





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