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Features of KingSmart PMS
Hotel Property Management Software

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Flexible & Customised

KingSmart PMS software allows you to view multiple screens, and work on multiple folios or bills at the same time.

Add your own documents, pictures, and logos to the system, invoices and bills can be printed, faxed, emailed or saved to other electronic archives.

All KingSmart Hotel Software modules are multi languages capable, and can be switch to your preferred language.

KingSmart Hotel Software System Setup is a comprehensive, powerful and easy to used tool to make KingSmart PMS flexible and efficient to configure, this allows people to run their hotel to its maximum capacity.

Design your Floor Plan to truly represent your properties the way they are.

KingSmart PMS is also comes with unlimited seamless interfacing to KingSmart POS, Call Accounting and Financial Accounting software.

Easy to learn and fast to use.

All reservation, assignments of rooms, check-in, invoicing, check-out.. all in the same window. With additional guest page and fast posting pages….

KingSmart Hotel Software is a graphical user interface for handling reservations, rooms, billings, restaurant table etc. If you like the drag and drop style of working, you will like KingSmart!

Group Handling

Group reservations for different times and with different details. Auto assignment and check in of multiple rooms in one touch of button.

Group booking control. Also combined and specified bills, group accounts, including guest name lists.

Optimising Rates

By optimising rates, you can increase your profit without any extra efforts. While the manager concentrates on improving the marketing strategies. KingSmart PMS forces the operators always to use the most profitable rates. This is based on a set of rules, and once they are defined, works automatically. Such as:

  • Automatic rate control based on season, authority, occupancy.
  • Discount control base on occupancy.
  • Reservation control for over booking.
  • Group and Sale & Marketing Allotment Controls.

Easy and flexible cashier billing functions

KingSmart hotel software is built for fast and easy billing, invoicing and check out. Its easy to split and combine bills, print separately and much more additional functions. Will handle all kinds of room bills, and other charges such as bar, telephone, and gift shops, tours and other POS too.

Sale and Marketing

Complete Guests, Sale & Marketing, Corporate and VIP History.

Keep track of your best customers with KingSmart's Extensive Client Database. Provide your customers with corporate and VIP Cards with special pricing. Let the system tell you what they like and how often they visit you and perhaps provide incentives for your most frequent, valued customers.

The built-in email and fax features can be used for cost effective marketing through targeted offers, and send confirmations and other messages to your guests and agents automatically.


Auto accounts transfer, Posting control, Currency exchange, Weekly/Monthly rate support, Auto departure extension......

Extended Guest Control Panel for customer services excellence such as DND, Guest Message, Notes and Location. Benefits and Special additional services can be automatically added to the guest.

HouseKeeping Modules, Outlet, Function bookings. And much more…

User access control allows every user with different user right and access to the modules of the system.

KingSmart Call Accounting Telephone System for tracking guest phone call, unlocking/locking on check in/check out, Wake Calls, Message Waiting and more.

Boardband Internet Charging and VOD (Video on Demand) Charging.

KingSmart PMS also comes with unlimited seamless interfacing to all KingSmart add-on products and interfaces like KingSmart POS Restaurant Point of sale Software, KingSmart Call Accounting Software, KingSmart BackOffice Accounting Software, KingSmart HR & Payroll Management Software, KingSmart Asset Management, KingSmart Inventory & Cost Management Software






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