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KingSmart Hotel Software Products

KingSmart PMS

The KingSmart Hotel Property Management System is designed to provide hotel staff and management with an efficient software tool to monitor and provide services to guests and groups promptly and accurately. An optimized user interface, and a seamless operational integration with Reservation, Front Desk Reception, House Keeping, Centralized Billing, Night Audit, Accounts Receivable, KingSmart Sales and Marketing Software, Report Generator, Guest/Corporate History and office productivity tools provide an efficient and easy to use application module. <More>

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webRes - Online Web Hotel Reservation Software

KingSmart webRes allows end users, travel agents and booking agents to log on to your website and enter real-time reservations directly into KingSmart HPMS. With the advances in technology, all manual staff intervention is completely eliminated until the guest arrives at your door.

webCollect - Online Properties Data Collection Software.

KingSmart webCollect is fully integrated to all six KingSmart Suite modules covers all area of Hotel Operation, from Front Office, to Financial information such as travel agent commission and City Ledger account, then to hotel outlets revenue, payroll and inventory reports available all in one Online Central Database.

webConnect -Connecting KingSmart to the web

With KingSmart webConnect, management and staff are able to access KingSmart functions on any remote desktop or tablet devices

Tablets with wireless online solutions allow to access and control KingSmart software from anywhere around the world.

KingSmart Accounting Management Software

The back office accounting software of KingSmart is a robust, secure financial package. The core system includes: General Ledger, Cash Management, Budgeting, Tax Management and Auto Linker. KingSmart provides a powerful set of tools to simplify and speed up the accounting process by streamlining functions to suit your specific business needs.<More>

KingSmart POS

KingSmart Point of Sales is designed for restaurant, bars, spa, recreational facilities, leisure, conference, events and functions properties and businesses. Staff and management are provided with powerful tools to support their responsibilities and activities. A POS System with Flexibility and Performance for people who like to do things their way. KingSmart Hotel Software is so configurable that it's like using a customized system. <More>

KingSmart Call Accounting Software with PABX Interfaces

Provides comprehensive tracking of calls made by guest. Easy to use and modify, this software package will pay for itself in just a few months by eliminating high priced third party maintenance costs. Telephone usage and price management at your fingertips . .<More>

KingSmart HR & Payroll Managment Software

Whether you employ 10 or 100,000 staff now or in the future, KingSmart HR & Payroll Management Software is a powerful fully integrated HR & Payroll system that will save you hours of manual HR & payroll-processing time while keeping employees pay, tax and entitlement records, times sheets, and information completely up-to-date.<More>

KingSmart Stock & Costing Managment Software

KingSmart Stock & Costing Management Software has a streamless interface with KingSmart Accounting, PMS, POS. Allows for recipe creation and cost management with hotel and restaurant items, foods and cooking ingredients.<More>


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