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Features of KingSmart Stock & Costing Software

Stock Management

Stock items can be located by stock code or any word within the stock description. This applies throughout the system, ensuring the correct stock code can be found quickly and easily.

Each stock item may belong to a stock group that can be used to define common elements such as the General Ledger accounts to be posted to or pricing and discount structures. This saves time by eliminating the need to maintain these details at an individual stock item level (although you can also maintain details at an individual item level if you need to).

Stock items may also be accessed via an unlimited number of alias codes or barcodes, allowing your staff to refer to items using a suppliers or customers part number or other meaningful codes. This saves time during data entry by allowing staff to use whichever codes they are most familiar with.

Purchase Function

Purchase lists can be made by different management then reviewed by the stock controller before made into a purchase request. During the purchase request stage supplier's prices can be reviewed and then linked to the purchase item. Once the supplier has been attached the purchase requests can have upto three approval processes before being turned into a purchase order for each supplier. Purchase orders can be printing direct or faxed/emailed to the supplier.

Purchase lists can be made from all low stock items in one simple process.

User-Defined Text

A range of text “messages” may be defined against each stock item, which could subsequently be used on forms or reports in your organisation. These messages may perhaps include safety or technical instructions, and could be used on picking slips, order confirmations, invoices or other forms you may use.

Multiple Stock Locations

An unlimited number of stock locations may be defined that reflect the way each of your department, branches or other locations are managed. Your warehouses may be grouped by geographic location or branch for reporting purposes, and within each warehouse stock may be tracked in multiple locations, down to a bin level if required.

This information is easily available for use in Sales Order Entry as items are sold, or via several enquiry screens. Selling and cost prices may also be defined for each location, or held at the stock item level for all warehouses.

Units of Measure

Multiple units of measure (such as pallets, boxes, outers, kilograms, metres) may be defined against each stock item.

Serial and Voucher Number Tracking

Serial and voucher number tracking provides you with greater accuracy in managing your stock, with easy tracing options available to track down individual items.

KingSmart webConnect – Stock & Cost Control with Handheld Technologies

Mangement and staff are able to access KingSmart Stock & Cost Control functions on any remote desktop and tablet devices.

Accounts Payable gives you a clear financial picture of your entire operation.

The Accounts Payable Module clearly demonstrates the superiority of KingSmart Stock & Cost Management Software. By integrating accounting functions with property management you get a true picture and better control over every aspect of your operation. Accounts Payable gives you complete information that lets you analyze the profitability of accounts. You get full Multi-currency and Multilanguage support features for seamless worldwide operations.



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