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Features Of KingSmart Hotel Management Software

Module Based Hospitality Management: KingSmart is built
a core hotel property management system, with
other modules providing Hotel, Restaurant, Retail, Cafe, Spa, Entertainment, Recreational, Ticketing, Smart Card Point of Sale Management, Call Accounting Management with PABX interfaces, Financial Management, Stock & Costing Control, Job/Recipe Costing, E-Commerce, HR & Payroll and third party hotel software Interfaces for KingSmart.

Tailored Product Suites: KingSmart offers a custom design service during installation to adapt screens; user defined fields and reporting structures to suit your specific business requirements. This includes the selection of features and languages common to the operation of your business KingSmart Hotel Software is completely customised to your hotel property.

Real Windows Based: KingSmart Suite use Multiple Document Interface (MDI), which allows you to view multiple screens, and work on multiple folios or bills at the same time. You can add your own documents, letters, pictures, logos, invoices in the system, to save, print, fax, email or saved into electronic archives.

Internet Enabled. All KingSmart modules are enabled for Internet deployment, using KingSmart´s Smart Thin Client capability. This will allow your remote offices and traveling executives to obtain secure access to the functionality of KingSmart, via an Internet Service Provider.

Microsoft Office Integration. KingSmart hotel software provides strong and seamless integration with common desktop tools such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to empower users in areas such as: financial reporting, budget modelling, transaction entry and mail merge.

KingSmart Report Generator: Provides just what it’s name implies, freedom to develop the reports that you really need, with live links to the information within KingSmart. It’s the modern way to present reporting information. KingSmart Report Generator allows you to use your own data to easily create dynamic business reports, that reflect the current state of your business.

Flexible Reporting Environment: Most reports that already exist in the system can be modifying to suit your own operation. Before viewing and printing reports, you can also refine the report by making pre-selections to have the report display with selected criteria.

Mobile, PDA and tablet versions: Send SMS messages from all KingSmart systems. From SMS reservation confirmations to account overdue reminders. Use KingSmart PMS for guest rooms, housekeeping and front office and KingSmart POS for charging items, on table menu direct to multiple kitchen printer from smart phones, pda and tablet.

Multiple Flexibility: All KingSmart hotel software suite are multi language capable, and can be switch to your prefer language. There are over 500 set ups to accommodate a wide range of complex operational environment.

KingSmart System Administrator is a comprehensive, powerful and easily used tool to make KingSmart Suite flexible and efficient to configure, this allows people to run their hospitality business to its maximum capacity.



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