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Features of KingSmart POS

KingSmart Database Center is a comprehensive, powerful and easy to used tool to make KingSmart POS flexible and efficient to configure, this allows people to run their restaurant or bar to its maximum capacity.

KingSmart POS is also comes with unlimited seamless interfacing to KingSmart PMS Hotel Property Management System and KingSmart Stock and Costing.

With additional modules:

POS Retail Management for supermakets, retail outlets and coffee shops.
Functions/Conferences Management
Spa/Recreation Management
Guest Rewards Management
Smart Card & Ticketing Management
eMenu with iPad and other tablet devices

PDA and Smartphone quick posting

Complete log book tracking and audit management systems for VIP, Corporate or Short Term discounts smart cards.
Multiple functions to store credits and provide discounts.
Complete authority access controls

Complete integration to all hotel outlets for guest billing, settle bills and combine bills etc
Duplication of Cards
Credit Limits Control
Ticketing Management

Kitchen printing to muliple locations

Availalbe with POS Touch Screen Mode

Design your Floor Plan to truly represent your Restaurant the way it is with Single or Multi Floors, Summer Patios, Separate Areas, and Special Layouts for special events.

Maximize your Table Turns with Table Management. Special color-coding tells you whether a table is open, occupied, has a printed bill or is closed and waiting to be cleaned.

Multiple Price Levels for each menu item, with independent tax status, for the ultimate in pricing flexibility.

Flexible setup
of package deal, guest special request, short cut key, item photo, budget and much more…

User access control allows every user with different user right and access to the modules of the system.

Keep track of your best customers with KingSmart's Extensive Client Database. Provide your customers with corporate and VIP Cards with special pricing. Let the system tell you what they like and how often they visit you and perhaps provide incentives for your most frequent, valued customers.

Table View lets you stay in control of your Restaurant. See all open tables with full item detail with the exact time when each item was ordered. Clients at your restaurant will not be kept waiting.

Head Office Polling. Either through direct dial-up or via the Internet, keeps you fully informed on a day-to-day basis, no matter how many restaurants in your organization.

KingSmart provides Interfaces and Links to Payroll Software, Hotel PMS Systems, KingSmart Inventory & Stock System, Building Security Card Systems, Accounting Systems, Bar Controls

KingSmart guarantees Redundancy! If the main server goes down, the back-up server is activated immediately - you can continue business as if nothing happened. NOW THAT'S PEACE OF MIND.

Customizable Restaurant Management Solutions at your Fingertips!


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