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KingSmart POS System

KingSmart Point of Sale System includes Sales & Catering, Restaurant Table Management, Retail Business, Function/Conference and Spa & Recreation Management and Smart Card & Bar Code Ticketing Systems.

It uses extensive new functions and features that have been implemented to provide an efficient and easy to use operational environment.

KingSmart Midas POS available Now

Please contact us to find out detail KingSmart POS editions features list and more information on KingSmart.

The new KingSmart POS is available in Touch Screen and it is also directly interfaced to PDA Hand Held device for fast and effective point of sales management.

Staff and management are provided with powerful tools to support their responsibilities and activities. A POS System with Flexibility and Performance for people who like to do things their way. KingSmart Hotel Software is so configurable that it's like using a customized system.

KingSmart Point of Sales is designed for restaurant, bars, spa, retail, recreational facilities, leisure, conference centers, events and functions properties and businesses.

KingSmart POS Software consists of four editions:


With additional modules:

POS Retail Management
Functions/Conferences Management
Spa/Recreation Management
PDA Interface

New Smart Card & Ticketing Management

Complete log book tracking and audit management systems for VIP, Corporate or Short Term discounts smart cards.
Multiple functions to store credits and provide discounts.
Complete authority access controls

Complete integration to all hotel outlets for guest billing, settle bills and combine bills etc
Duplication of Cards
Credit Limits Control
Ticketing Management

Availalbe with POS Touch Screen Mode

KingSmart POS also comes with unlimited seamless interfacing to all KingSmart add-on hotel software products and interfaces like KingSmart HPMS Hotel Property Management Software, KingSmart Back Office Accounting Software, KingSmart Stock & Costing Management Software.

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POS Table Chart

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POS Live Floor Plan

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POS Debit Posting

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POS Credit Posting

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Spa/Recreation Software

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Spa/Recreation Software

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Spa/Recreation Software

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Function/Conference Software

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