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KingSmart Smart Card & Ticketing Systems

New Smart Card Management
Contact Less Smart Card
Corporate Debit Cards

VIP and Discounts Cards.

Points Reward Cards or Short Term Discount Cards.

Complete integration to Room Key Card for complete security access and other smart card functions.

Features of Smart Card & Ticketing Management:

Complete log book tracking and audit management systems for VIP, Corporate or Short Term discounts smart cards.
Multiple functions to store credits and provide discounts.
Complete authority access controls

Complete integration to all hotel outlets for guest billing, settle bills and combine bills etc
Duplication of Cards
Credit Limits Control
Ticketing Management
for ski field and activities management.

Any cardholders can access any point of sales outlets, with additional photos and signatures identification and electronic approvals for smart card posting. There are c
omplete integration of smart card for fast identification of each outlets’ posting type with appropriate posting controls and discounts policy applied for each different Point of Sales outlets.

All Outlets will be able to access all information including cards balances, credit limits and other related information, with complete integration with electronic key cards and to records guest’s room numbers, name and other basic information.

The smart card can be used to create corporate cards for one or number of corporate members, with additional credits control, deposits and other credit management. Or VIP cards for credit storage, credits limits control and duplication of cards. And can be used for discount cards with or without credits limits or store for credits or deposits.

There are additional ticketing management for bar code with additional smart card functions. These can be set up for Single/Multiple entries, Season or Special weekend passes and other packages. Full Authority Access and Security Controls

KingSmart Smart Card Management also comes with unlimited and seamless interfacing to all KingSmart add-on hotel software products and interfaces like KingSmart PMS Hotel Property Management Software, KingSmart POS Management, KingSmart HR & Payroll and KingSmart Back Office Accounting Software.

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